Housing, owner-occupied school and rented school

There was a discussion between the owner's house and the rental school in the case of acquiring my home at home. Recently I have not heard much, but which is better than originally was different depending on individual conditions such as lifestyle, housing concept, income and environment, it was not comparable with others. The subjective content as to whether it will be easier to live is the answer to the last if you choose either in your life. In the opinion of experts when calculating objectively, there was also a talk that somewhat renting would be more advantageous, but this also depends on the situation. If you think briefly, the expenses for housing will be more advantageous if the rent is cheaper, and that it will be more advantageous if my home purchasing is more advantageous.

If you can get satisfaction in an invisible part by acquiring your home, you will be motivated to work, you can be lucky and may be able to deepen your ties with your family not. Sometimes I get hope for the future. On the other hand, if you lose your life by purchasing with impossible, happiness will also blow away. In that case it would be better to leave. These are examples, but it seems to be a point of how to utilize my home and lease in my life.

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